How every social dancer feels at Christmas

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Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but if you are dancer I can bet that you haven’t had a free weekend for a while! Works Christmas parties, family dos, drinks with friends, all this on top of the usual dance events and the Christmas specials too; the struggle is real. But there’s no need to feel alone, below is what most dancers go through every year:

  1. Just as supermarket shoppers panic buy on Christmas Eve because the shops close for “ONE WHOLE DAY!” dancers fear the idea of not being able to bust a move anywhere on the 25th. Rocking around the Christmas tree with your Nan after too much Baileys just does not cut it. Events on the 27th, or even boxing day are always great successes as people scratch that dancing itch.
  2. You spend a large amount of time turning down invites or coming up with excuses as to why you can’t attend non dancing festivities so you can dance instead.
  3. Your Christmas list contains dance shoes or a shoe brush or a dance bag or all of the above.
  4. You debate how much time is acceptable to leave your family for and go dancing.
  5. You get forced to give everyone “a spin” around the floor at the works Christmas party because somehow they found out you can dance.
  6. Any money gifted on Christmas day will be ploughed straight back into 2016 events.By now you have danced to “All I want for Christmas” at least 8 times and the Michael Buble numbers are off the scale.
  7. Christmas day TV viewing is based largely around…you guessed it…dancing. UK readers, I know most of you will be prioritizing Strictly Come Dancing over the Queens speech, don’t lie.
  8. Your first thought when receiving clothes as gifts is “can I dance in this?”.

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Nick Stephens

2 thoughts on “How every social dancer feels at Christmas

  1. Funny you should say about Strictly Come Dancing for Christmas Day TV viewing. I posted on Facebook about how the end of the series is ideal for Modern Jive venues to play on for press releases. I’ve just personal-messaged my local organiser with suggested text then shared with that same Facebook group where you posted the link to this blog. The press release headline could be “Strictly’s finished…” then the article would start “… but did you know you too could learn partner dancing locally? (Your club name) run classes in Modern jive on (your day and time) at (your venue)”. You could then insert extra text to describe the modern jive dance and your venue to your preference then a catchy ending line could be “… and there’s no judges or viewer votes here, the emphasis is on having fun.”

    • Sounds like a good idea Alan. I would love to write a blog to encourage new dancers to start dancing as a resolution. Everyone should dance!

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