Are You Addicted To Dance?


Are you addicted to dance? It is a phrase used a lot. Personally I have gone through times where ALL that was on my mind was where I was going dancing next. When I was at college I would save all my EMA (meant to be for books and transport, pah!) for a train ticket and an entry fee. Planning my next trip and whose sofa I was going to crash on during lectures. I know people that dance 6 times a week. I met someone that boasted they had danced 57 nights consecutively. Another had not had a weekend at home for 6 months?!
But as awesome as our hobby is, sometimes this need can take a different  turn. I have a friend who actually was addicted to dance. Well a doctor was involved so that’s as close to an official diagnosis as we are going to get for the moment!
A friend of mine, let’s call them “A”, used to dance every night of the week. That’s fine, when you live in civilization but unfortunately they did not. This meant that in order to keep that monkey on their back happy they had to travel….. A LOT.  “A” would travel to a class 3 hours away on a weekday, do the class, drive home, bed for a few hours, get up and work. “A” would (obviously) feel horrendous at work all day, relying on energy drinks and caffeine to get them through. “A” would get home from work and have a nap. After this, “A” would feel a bit better but still not amazing. How can I feel better? they thought. I know, let’s go dancing again. So off “A” goes on their quest. This is kind of achievable for a one day, but by the time day two rolls around “A” feels rougher than the day before, but all they have on their mind are those endorphin’s. How can they get them? You get the idea.

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“A” continued like this for around a month until they had a wake up call in the form of a visit to the doctor after a close shave health wise. The doctor told them to write down their daily routine and diet. It was literally spelt out in front of them what they were doing to themselves, they were ADDICTED TO DANCE! Just to make “A” feel a little better the Doctor also pointed out that due to the extra sleep needed when drinking energy drinks A was having -2 hours sleep a night!
Don’t get me wrong, Dancing is a healthy, exciting way to keep fit and 99.999 % of the time, scratching that itch is sooo good. But I felt like a story of actual addiction needed to be shared!

How far have you taken your dance obsession? Let us know below.

Nick Stephens

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