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Sometimes you can get lost in the dance world. It has its own language, etiquette and usual suspects. But no matter how far down the rabbit warren you have gone there are some things every dancer can relate to. I’m pretty sure most, if not all of these will ring a bell with you (just make sure that bell hits a break or a nice accent):

  1. When you go to the gym or do any other activity that involves counting you count in the timing of your preferred dance style instead of just seconds like any normal person.
    “One-two, three-and-four, five-and-six”
    You know the drill!
  2. Getting caught practicing your moves.
    I’ve been caught body rolling in a public toilet (the mirror was so tempting), moon-walking on a factory floor (the floor was so slippy!) and of course dancing in my kitchen when I thought the house was empty. The location does not matter; the result is always the same: embarrassment on a grand scale.
  3. When you go shopping your primary motivation is whether you can wear it dancing. How will it look when I spin? Is it cool? How high can I lift my arm? If you fancy a bit of dance shopping now I recommend Honeystore on Amazon click here (affiliate link ).
  4. You have been turned down or got into trouble in a club because you just want to dance with someone and they thought it was more.
  5. You know what post event come-down/blues is.
  6. You have no holiday left for “normal” holidays because you have used it on events.
  7. Every song you hear on the radio is separated in your head as dance-able and other.
  8. You know what “the zone” is……….well you don’t really, no-one does, but you know when you are or aren’t in it.
  9. Your friends find it hard to believe that you dance until the small hours of the morning with complete strangers unassisted by alcohol (most of the time).
  10. You have “dancing friends” and “normal friends”

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Nick Stephens

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